Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why I hate curtain-making

Oh, let me count the ways.
  1. Driving for ages to attend the world's most disorganised, rumpled store
  2. Ironing, ick ick ick
  3. Sore back
  4. Cat attacks on dragged fabric 
  5. Annoyingly bad sewing machine*
  6. Getting a sore neck up the ladder 
  7. Limited technical competence, which exacerbates 5, and is made worst by large time gaps between curtain-making episodes
Well, seven is not as bad as I thought.  I thought I might get to googleplex.

Why I like curtain-making

It is delightful to replace curtains that were destroyed by girls (passing wolves, they claim) or were made for a house in another state in 1985.   I won't throw the latter set out yet.  They haven't even reached their 30th anniversary.  Mere chicks.

What a grumpy day.  I am surprised you are still reading.

Jams - Mulberry and Raspberry - not a recent photo due to recent lack of mulberry crop

[*Much as I try not to covet, I have often heard women speak of the beautiful, efficient sewing machine that they bought for some abandoned craft, or were given by an elderly relative who fundamentally underestimated the recipient's personality.  Meanwhile, I actually sew - clothes, curtains, etc, on my cheap crappy one while all these much better sewing machines molder in cupboards, often without being used the first time.]

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