Monday, August 27, 2012

Missing  - three years - description unknown

Some time in late 2005 I seem to have lost my memory.  I remember very little before early 2008.  I even forget I have forgotten that period.

The husband and I (and at this point I should point out he has quite a bad memory compared with my excellent one) were talking about one of his siblings.  We were discussing an overseas trip and he used such phrases as "that was when they spent 6 months living overseas before they bought the house."  Nope, nothing in there about that.  I did some maths to see if it had happened before I had met the husband.  No luck.

Basically, I realised that he was talking about the dead zone.  Over three years lost.  It turns out when you are completely zonked with pregnancy, babies, toddlers during further pregnancies, then babies and toddlers in tandem, you do not lay down memories.

The only things I clearly remember is the children themselves - the lovely feeling of kissing little heads covered in fluff, delightful facial contortions upon sampling their first teaspoon of mashed swede, and hurling weeds around the garden to get away from the crying.

Things that I scarcely recall but theoretically happened during that period include: renovating the kitchen and negotiating with the state and territory governments to get them all to agree about something - a task akin to juggling jelly.  I hope they went well.

I suspect my working memory at the time was even worst.  Someone I worked for told me about a conversation we had during that period.  She said, "Can you dig out that paper you wrote on xxx because we can reuse it for yyy?"  "What paper?", I said ... further ridiculous conversation ... so the boss trotted off frustrated at her idiot savant employee and I looked in the drive.  I found it in quite a logical place and it was a doozy.  It had 15 pages of legislative analysis, options for solutions to problems that were likely to emerge, notes of conversations with General Counsel, etc.  Terrific stuff and very handy.  Clearly I wrote it but even a month later it was like reading it anew.

Sadly, I really don't remember what happened to anyone else so if you are one of those people who got a short shrift, I apologise.  This includes my parents, who got rare 5 minute garbled conversations, friends cut adrift, and the poor old cat, who just wanted me to sit down for 5 minutes so she could get a cuddle.

Ah, yes, I do remember giving birth.

I was inside asleep. The husband was playing with the crowbar and looking after the baby - naturally cognating activities.

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