Friday, August 10, 2012

It is going thumpety dump faster than normal people

No idea what this means.  It is a quote from Monster2.

The husbandal unit has caught the family bug and has joined me in sitting around feeling sorry for myself.  Occasionally we negotiate who is going to do what.  We try not to sneer - it is too tiring.

Lunch today was delicious.  Toasted rye rolls with a smoky Vienna sausage, fried cabbage and onion with a little apple vinegar, served with Dijon mustard and tomato sauce.  You have to give it to those Germans - they know how to accessorise a snag.  Though it is probably treasonous to use a French mustard.

The sun is shiny and the air is icy - a typical day around here.  We are looking forward to spring.  I am inspecting buds on trees for signs of swelliness, and we are predicted to hit 15 degrees Celsius in the next week.  Whacko!

You have to decide what is better: the tacky stink pipe, the purple brain wall tiles or the mock toilets of the Victorian era wallpaper.  Now all sadly gone from my life.  The pink bowl was terrific - no complaints there.

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