Thursday, August 9, 2012

The dryer is full of woodland creatures

I believe there is a bear in there, a possum, several mice, and two Ippys (actual species unknown).  Apparently an Ippy was manky and from there it was all in for the ride.

An Ippy in a frock - your guess is as good as mine.

One of the challenges of parenting is to keep a positive spin on things. I was speaking to another parent about the turmoils of giving up thumb sucking.  She took her child out, they picked out a dress-up and bought poster paper and stickers.  They made a chart and when, a number of weeks later, the child had gone a week without sucking her thumb, they went and bought the dress-up.  What a woman.

My technique just consisted of speaking to the girl, then letting her older sister nag her whenever she was caught at it.  Not a very successful venture.  We are now discussing a technique with more incentive. I don't think she really wants to give it up, but with splaying baby teeth and two adult incisors on their way out, the time has come the walrus said.

A BFC for a picnic 40th.  Packed to travel.

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