Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sick sick sick

Well, here I am slobbing about in bed.  The lovely husband is outside doing dirty things to weeds and the girls are bellowing about the garden. 

Did I ever mention how much I hate a certain weirdly shaped blonde doll who may or may not go to Charm School?  Having primed themselves up on the other film-based princess collection, Monster1, in particular, is under the spell.  Everyone in these works is in a physically impossible state.  She always turns out to be a princess, lost in childhood.  This is only elucidated, of course, after she has snared a prince whose parents have remarkably gotten over her lack of royal status.  Luckily her inheritance comes with a well preserved queen/mother, "Oh, my lost child."

The lessons to be learned appear to be:

a) If you are impossibly beautiful, some handsome prince will fall in love with you immediately, irrespective of any other compatibility.

b) If you are beautiful enough, you are probably a princess, and your humdrum middle-class life and frumpy parents are just a temporary error.

c) That you can make money selling any crap to little girls if it is pink enough, and if you warp their minds by buggering their future self esteem and hope of a happy relationship, this is acceptable collateral damage to corporate profits.

It makes me want to vomit.  Monster1 knows this and we agree to differ on the matter.  The sum result is that I try hard not to watch any of it or read her the books and she has to fund her addiction with her own money.  Luckily this stuff rarely appear at the shop at the dump where we get most of our videos.  Snapped up by other poor souls, probably.

If I could start again, I would refuse to buy anything with a princess til they are 37.

What a terrible stream of negative blogs.  Next time, something positive.

Poor old Mouse - sadly missed

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