Sunday, August 26, 2012

The sun is shiny ...

... the wattles are golden, and it is time to talk about unquenched lust.

I think that is the thing that annoys me about my life most of all.  Here I am living with  a lovely chap who  also likes a spot of nooky and it is damn difficult to find a time to get to it.

It is not even as though I fancy someone else.  Ever, in fact.  If the husbandal unit were to be run over by a bus I can't see myself bothering with a new model.  It is partly a lingering sentimental attachment to the one I have (or had, in the bus-squishing scenario).

Possibly it is because I am aware of the quality of the current model, or, having gone to the trouble of getting used to living with him, I can't see myself enjoying discovering the range of disgusting habits you get in a new partner.  (My idea of hell includes having the TV on all weekend watching sport, or someone who widdles on the floor of the toilet then ignores it. YOU BASTARDS!!) (Sorry about that - cool, soothing breath!)

Also, it would be very tricky making a new family with extant monsters - I think people who try it are extraordinarily brave.

The current husbandal unit has seen me naked and knows about my slightly odd laughy habits.  I can't imagine the horror of going through that with someone else.  And what if you did and found you had the compatibility of sardines and caramel sauce?  I have not had a big enough range of partners to know where my husb. falls on the scale of likely successful completions but there are probably a lot of people with whom the end result would not be two smiley people.

No, all I really wish for is more opportunity to get to it when we are not sick, tired or looking after monsters.

 It is probably just the saps starting to flow.  Bloody spring.

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