Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday is mould day

Ah, Monday, a day of quiet serenity.  There are no amount of medications I wouldn't give to the children to get them over minor ailments and off to school.  It is just after 10am, I have had 2 large coffees, done 3 loads of washing, and have NO CHILDREN.


I do love the dear little things.  They are especially loveable when they are clean, when there are no trails of girl-crap around the house, and when they remember to shovel out the cat litter. 

There is one slight blot on the landscape and that is that Monday is mould day.  The combination of moving air with gas heating, old steel window frames and -5 degree Celcius nights means that mould grows like topsy around the windows.  Time to fight back.  A nasty job but someone has to do it and that lucky duck is me.

When we are rich (la la la laaa - off in fairy land again) we will dispose of our rusted, mould-prone, over-painted, almost impossible to shut windows and treat the house to double glazing.

In the interim, pass the bleach - sorry lungs, I'm going in to battle.

At least the black mould on the windows makes a change from the orange slime mould growing in the bathroom.

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