Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Husband

I know you were tired and stressed at the time but when you say, "I am not good at it." and "I don't have time.", you mean "It is not important to me." and "I don't want to have to learn to do that."

It is not as though it is a surprise.  I spoke to you a week ago and it is still several weeks off.  Perhaps you thought I would forget or just do it myself. 

If you can get out of it for a few more years one of our children may be able to do it, or maybe next year I will be able to afford to go interstate so my parents can do it and you can feel sad to have missed the event, as has happened in the last few years.

You could throw some money at the problem but we both know that is unlikely to work out.

 I would just like a nice birthday cake.  It makes me sad that it is too much to ask.

Your wife

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