Friday, July 27, 2012

 Ah, a rainy friday

In my inaugural post I find myself tempted to tell you about the wetness of the day and the towels on the line.  Surely blogging must have some purpose beyond the purely mundane?  Ha ha ha haha ha (tailing off to quiet hysteria).

Why am I blogging?  My friend Miss Grasshopper blogs for her family and friends; handy, given they spread over most continents.

Miss Grasshopper asked me if I had a particular theme or group of topics I wanted to canvass.  I am not sure if I know the answer.  My brain has turned to sludge in the last year under the weight of too many preschool constructions and notes home about lice infestations.  Combine this with a lack of pressure to undertake anything intellectual and the result is a brain resembling sago (and we are not talking cooked with squid ink and deep fried).

Essentially, the reason I decided to blog, aside from a fine suggestion from Miss Grasshopper, was the excellent work done by Mrs Woog at Woogsworld. 

And frankly, the discipline and learning curve will help with incipient vagueness.



  1. well, this is my first time to post a comment, so inaaugural experiences for us both!

  2. Why thank you, my first and only customer. I shall treasure your comment always.