Friday, November 23, 2012

You are a grown-up. Please organise your own lunch

On Wednesday morning Monster2 and I were lurking in some playground when we got a call from the school.  Monster1 had forgotten her lunch.

I rounded up the little monster and we rode off to the rescue.

Now last night was the husb's Christmas work dinner and he missed roast chicken.  I cooked enough for him and packed it up for him to take for lunch.  At 8.45 this morning, when anyone remotely knowledgeable about children knows is"harrying the children out the door while stacking the dishwasher" time, he rang.

This is where it gets suicidal.

Now I am prepared to spend 15 minutes taking a 6 year old her lunch.  She is not particularly forgetful and she is a little pip.

I am not prepared to spend an hour taking a man who is well into his forties his lunch.  He is a grown-up.  Even if I was not fantastically busy today (which, if he used his brain he would have remembered I was), it is rude to undervalue my time.

You forgot it.  Buy something.  Monster2 ate yours.

That is all I have to say about that.