Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10 more reasons I love my husband

1 When we first had a baby he trained himself to walk in from work ready to help out should it be required and he still does, even if it just to pour a drink as I cook tea.

2 He generally copes very well when I get attacks of devilment even though they may cost him.

3 He grows vegetables and installs watering systems, the latter leading to a plummeting in the death rate of plants.

4 He is willing to converse on a broad range of topics and have Jane Austen novels read to him.

5 Sometimes he needs to go out for cake.

6 He started as a man who dreamed of steak* and could not cook, and now he is willing to cook meals involving lentils (though he still dreams of steak - we just can't afford it).

7 A keen nookyist.

8 Turn-off-able hearing - generally considered a design fault in men but very handy for child wrangling when I have overdosed on noise and run away to my bedroom to wear industrial ear-muffs.

 9 Jam-lover - an essential acquisition for a non-eating jam-maker. (Though he does have a keen associate in Monster2.  They are prone to count how many whole mulberries they spy on each other's toast.)

10 Remarkable cat tolerater. 

A happy vegie patch, courtesy of the husb.

* The steak quality measures include a propensity to hang over the edges of the plate and a creamy sauce.