Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arg, I have squeezed out another coat

In the never-ending saga of painting the hall I have just done the final undercoat.  Hand me the tape and I start on enamel woodwork next week. 

Meanwhile, the contents of the hall, a surprising amount considering it is a small and almost empty room in normal circumstances, are scattered around the house, still.  My not very big bedroom has had 3 large painting boxes for months (and a wall mirror and pelmet).  My nights crackle to the sound of the cat playing under the drop sheets for her 2am frolic.

Now my ambition, and I can see this is pushing it, is to finish this year.  Meanwhile, I have at least 6 coats of 3 different paints (taping in between) left to do and the calender is fast filling up with the pre-Christmas social and school-related event frenzy, 95% of which I would skip for a cupcake.  (Mind you, this is not a small set when you think of all the things you would not do for a really good cupcake with a dreadful amount of chocolate icing.)

Chocolate cupcakes
Focus, woman.  Right, coats of paint.  I figure I can slip on this ambitious time frame a bit.  Two of the coats are the outside of the front door.  This does not require painting sheets and taping over the entire hall.  And in fact, the front screen door could go back on, meaning we could cool the house on warm spring nights without the little Monster and I being attacked by formations of mosquitoes.  The other two will be bite-free as long as the girl and I act as bait.

So possibly my ambition is that by Christmas I hope to have no tape, furniture back in and the house less like it has been turned upside down by a clown with a very large spoon.