Friday, November 30, 2012

Why I need to get a job

Well, the obvious answer is the slow slide into financial oblivion that has already taken so many luxuries such as after school activities for the girls, a clothes budget that is anything other than piffly and the cleaner (sob, sob).

But there is a deeper answer.  At the moment the girls primarily see me in housefrau mode.  When you ask Monster2 what she wants to do when she is grown-up she says "Stay home and look after the children, like you, Mum."

"Arrg", I scream.  How can you explain to a five year old that she is unlikely to be able to afford a mortgage on one income when her time comes and that we only just can now but we are luckier than most.  How can I explain that I have chosen this after great gobs of education and an interesting career, one that I could return to in a snap if I wished.  How can I explain that one of the reasons I can stand being at home is that I have had an interesting career and I will probably do so again in some form but this is just a breather - time aside to focus on them.

And finally, this is a girl who can make emptying the dishwasher last for over an hour (one fork at a time, hum a tune between each one, possibly with a little dance) and that she is completely unsuited to a life where you have to impose your own structure.

  • Reason number 3 - every month that goes by without an income, the husband seems to value my time less and less.
  • Reason number 4 - every month that goes by without an professional occupation, my confidence fades a little more.
  • Reason number 5 - the intellectual gratification of blogging has faded to a marginal return.  I need something chunky to think about or I will go through cranial melt down after which I will sit on the sofa drooling and reciting Dr Seuss.
  • Reason number 6 - neither of us want to clean the toilet again.  We want our cleaners back real bad.

Like this, but sludgier.

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