Sunday, November 25, 2012

Surprise baby and a phenomenal act of memory

I went to my friend's birthday picnic today.  There was a baby wriggling around a rug that at some stage grabbed my hem.  I had to give several tugs to free myself before my skirt went skittering down demonstrating the voluminous nature of my undies.

An hour and a half into this picnic I realised the person paying the most attention to the baby was the mother.  I have known her for years, via my friend, but I did not even know she was pregnant much less the mother of an almost toddler.  Possibly I had been told and I vagued it out.  In any case these surprise babies are a bit of a shock on the old system.  It seemed like a nice one - round and smiley.

Mother and baby had gotten over a rough start and are in the groove.  It must be relieving if you start with a baby too small to register on the growth chart to hit the 50th percentile.

On a related picnic matter, I generally have a good memory (aside from the years lost to pregnancy and small children, of which I remember very little).  Its weakness is faces.  I am not great at them.

A woman arrived at the party and I started chatting to her.  I think we were both thinking, "how do I know this person?"  Then she took off her sunglasses.  She had very unusual pale green eyes.  I said, "Didn't we work together at XXX in about 2000?"  She was stunned. Then, to top it off, I said, "[address of the building],1st floor, to the left of the lifts."  Frankly, I was a little bit stunned myself.  You have to admit, I may miss entire pregnancies but sometimes I am a clever munchkin.

Thank you very much.  (Said in an Elvis accent)

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