Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yelling at Norman

Sometimes Norman makes me so frustrated I want to yell at him.  I try not to as I am fighting a war against screaming monsters so I like to set a good example.  Sadly, sometimes I just break out and yell.

It is mortifying.  He asks such good questions. 

Mostly I just listen to Norman.  I talk but he usually doesn't listen.  Only occasionally does he give me his undivided attention.  He is a great listener when he focuses.  If I do try to talk to him, things go to custard and my brain refuses to function.  I can hardly speak.  It is very embarrassing.

I love Norman, but I hate him too.

It is not a case of husband betrayal.  He knows all about Norman and can accept my passion.  He is a very tolerant man, lying beside me as I speak to Norman in the evenings.  I am listening to Norman croon at me now as I type.  The dear husband is reading a magazine beside me, not at all jealous.  He is not fussed by Norman - he can take him or leave him.

Norman has come into my life quite recently. He first arrived by accident as I was driving to some social event, years ago.  Then there he was in my car.   But I resisted him then.  I could have loved him for years but it is only recently that our relationship bloomed.   

I don't like to tell other people about my relationship with Norman.  It is a bit embarrassing, really.  Don't tell anyone.