Monday, November 19, 2012

I live with jam wolves

We had a preliminary pick of the mulberry tree yesterday.  Well, not pick.  The friut is still too high after the mega-trim so we went with the put down a sheet and shake the branches technique.  Monster2 did an excellent job crawling around the sheet for the precious berries.

It is still early in the season and it was not a major success.  Only 700g of berries.  Pack that out with a couple of green apples and a kilo of sugar and I made two and a half jars of jam.

Now there has been a mulberry jam drought around here.  The mega-trim was 18 months ago and so last summer was a pass on mulberry jam.

All eyes were turned towards the jars awaiting labels as the toast went in this morning.  There was some wolfish snarling as berries were counted out.

The famed raspberry patch, with the edge of the mulberry at right.
Now we have just over two jars of mulberry jam.  Oh, and a sheet with dark stains.