Friday, February 22, 2013

Mission accomplished

After four long years I have finally finished painting the hall.  When I started both of the girls were toddlers - now leggy schoolgirls.

February 2009 - the saga begins with painting the ceiling.

This is not to suggest I have been at it all that time with, say, a toothbrush.  The application to the cause has been a little gappy.  Nevertheless, I feel proud.  It may take my arms a week to recover and my pysche some months but the job is done.

This is the older monster from the beginning of the hall-works.  She found the whole process so fascinating she spent her "rest" getting out all the sheets and spreading them around the floor of her bedroom, then conked out part way through.

Well, almost.  There is just the removal of rags and tape, etc to do. Sounds like husband-work to me.

All I have to do now is paint:

  • the rest of the gutters, a job my husband left 2/3 done when he returned to work in 2011 (mind you, given the painting he did on all the rotten steel window frames, he deserved a medal)
  • the older monster's room, which still has the marks on the ceiling where I removed a large fluro light when I bought the house 12 years ago, and
  • the little monster's room, because if the older monster gets actual colour rather than the usual boring beige, the whines of "that's not fair" will be heard quite a lot.
Well, that lot should take me through to 2021.


*  Said with a mix of hysteria and sarcasm - an unusal tonal combination.

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