Monday, February 18, 2013

A vomit girl and a Costco jolly

Well, the girls have been back at school for two weeks and we have our first little gift from the education system - a vomit girl.  She is currently sleeping off her latest bucket-filler while I write the shopping list and realise I will not be able to do anything on my task list today.

The poor little mookie.  I had to practically decant her into the car (with bucket) so I could get the other girl to school.

In unrelated news, I went on a jolly to Costco yesterday afternoon.  I have never been to Costco before and what a pleasure it was, too.  Some thoughts on the cultural treats awaiting me there:

  • The pizzas are indeed very large.  Just larger than my oven, I estimate.  I was not tempted.
  • There are an amazing number of products that involve glueing popcorn and nuts together with sugar, fat and salt.
  • If a refrigerated "dessert" has a used by date over six months ahead, check the ingredient list.  If there are over 50 ingredients, laugh and move on.
  • The mens clothing appears to be built for very short men.  I do not wish to see my husband's belly button in the ordinary course of events.
  • I have developed a slight fixation with how many 500g packets of cheezels it would take to fill the interior of a car up to the windows.  I may need to buy an older car with vinyl seats and floor mats before I experiment.  I am sure the bright orange dust would never come off grey upholstery.
  •  Some people must eat a lot of cheese. 
  • A 30 pack of cornettos for $32 is a tremendous bargain but I am not sure if I would be a happier person if I ate them.  Rounder but probably not happier. 
Classic Blue Ribbon Flavour Vanilla Choc Nut
Not six - 30 of these things.  30, people, 30.

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