Sunday, February 3, 2013

Attempted attitude change fails miserably

Having sworn and cursed about the lunch box blues in the previous post, I decided to get all positive and motherly via the construction of apricot and oat muffins.

I didn't have a recipe for apricot and oat muffins so I buggered about with adapted another recipe that had no apricots and no oats.

Oats are dry so I thought I would add more milk and eggs.

There turned out to be only 1 egg so I put in extra extra milk.

There was also a surprise canola oil drought and I couldn't use peanut oil without attracting the wrath of the schooling system, so I used extra virgin olive oil.

The mix came out kinda runny so I added more flour - spelt flour - world renowned for it reluctance to rise in a cakey manner.

So to the taste test:  curiously olivey, a bit flat, plain in flavour and overall, weird.

One of the monsters has already stated she doesn't want them in her lunch box and prefers a piece of fruit.

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