Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dancing in the summer rain

Well, we had a little rain today.  Aside from one other big storm it has been a mainly dry spring and summer.  Summer rain is delightful.

We had just finished bike riding down by the lake.  I was walking after the little monster who has just learned the two wheel arts.  We were about to go back to the car when it down came in buckets.

We all sheltered under the awning of a kiosk but it just kept bucketing.  One monster couldn't stand it.  She started doing laps out into the rain getting just a touch wet - a little wetter with each lap.

Eventually the desire built up in me too and I joined her.  We went to the edge of the lake and commiserated as it got wet.  We stomped in puddles.  We looked down drains.  We danced.

Not us but you get the idea.  Doesn't it make your feet itch?

We both turned into drowned rats.

Meanwhile, my husband and other monster stood under the awning getting stressed in their own way.  This monster was getting worried about how we were going to get back to the car and it was all too much.

The little wet duck was starting to shake with cold so we peeled off her cotton top and put on her (carefully preserved) dry polar fleece.

I then headed off through the pelt to the car, after all, I wasn't getting any wetter.  After wading across the lower car park that was doing a cunning imitation of a floodway, I got to the car and drove to the others.  We whacked the bikes on the car and went home for lunch.

I am very glad I have grown myself a playmate for summer rain.  It was lovely.

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