Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The curious case of the polly kicking

So, you are sitting in a pub in a foreign country and you see some politician giving an interview to a TV crew.  Someone (also probably drunk) dares you to go and give them a kick so you do.  On camera.  During the day.  And the politician is a former police officer and tries to arrest you.  The politician is being interviewed because it is the middle of an election campaign.  Which the politician's party subsequently wins.  And the politician becomes the new Attorney General.

The latter bits are a touch of bad luck, obviously.  You may not have been au fait enough with local affairs to realise you were about to assault an ex-cop soon to be AG.  The cops and the prosecutors are not likely to let that one slide through to the keeper.  Not with his being an ex-cop and their new boss, and all.

But still, aside from being pissed enough that this seemed like a really good idea, you must have been lacking in judgement to kick someone who is actually being filmed by professionals at the time.  Some sort of disguise may have been in order.  You may want to up your overall level of cunning before your next drunken bet. 

Sadly, while you won the $200 bet, you copped a fine of $2200, so either your travel fund is about to take a lurch southward or you are going to have to pop off and serve a sentence in a nearby jail.

Lets hope the feds don't hear about it because they may revoke your visa and sling you out of the country for being a convicted dickhead.  Bad luck all round, really.

[I didn't make this up ... see here.]