Friday, September 21, 2012

I poked my eyeball into your eyeball

No idea what this means - 'tis a monster quote.

My dearest husband likes to adjust things around the house.  Electrical things, mostly.  If anyone other that the husb attempted to live here they would be a little frustrated as they may not actually be able to operate some things.  {Note to self: get written instructions pre-trade-in.}

The potable watering system is a write-off of complexity, for example.  The air conditioning has a cut-off switch that is mysteriously placed at best.  Even getting the microwave to spring to life would fox anyone lacking in imagination.

It is all for a good cause but frankly, some of it is difficult.  (!#%#&%*)

In the spirit of praise I mention two things that are early designs that go like a train.

We have a little freezer that likes to frost.  In its frosty state it tends to pop its little door open.  Thawing occurs followed rapidly by spoilage.  Entire freezer-loads of goodies have been consigned to smelly oblivion.  One little black box and a spot of soldering later, when the door is left open for three minutes a little buzzer goes off.  This little buzzer has gone off so many times it is squeaky and hoarse.  It is fantastic.

Second exhibit: we live in a very dry climate.  Water is expensive and getting rarer.  Water restrictions are ubiquitous.  Sitting under our house is a big rubbish bin and a pump.  There is another bin at the top of the block.  When we shower, wash our hands or do washing (and believe me, we do the odd load of washing) the water goes into the bottom tank, up to the top tank and out into the garden in one smooth flow.

The husbandal unit made this thingie years ago before they became all trendy and available in kits.  It is wonderful.  It probably shifts a couple of hundred litres of grey water per day on to the garden.  It has just been brought back to life as spring sprongs about the joint.

So while things you expect to work (like being able to turn on the computer) sometimes mysteriously don't, there are some things you just have to smile about and appreciate.  Thanks love.

Now I am hungry, damn this photo.