Monday, September 17, 2012

Little head friends

One of my monsters has little friends on her head.  Friendly blood-sucking friends.  Lousey ones in fact.

This is our first foray into the world of head lice and what a tedious business it is too.  We have been poisoning, egg loosening, combing, combing and more combing.  The little buggers are pernicious, I will say that.

It all began quite embarrassingly.  We went to the hairdresser for a restyle, in particular a fringe cut so that the lovely monster does not look like Sam the Sheep Dog in the school photos.  The hairdresser had cut some of the length off when she discovered the colony.  She gave the monster a quick trim to straighten up a bit and threw her out.

Sam the Sheepdog hard at work

The only advantage of the situation is that the infested one has the shortest, thinnest, finest hair in the house.  The rest of us are like garden thickets, except the husbandal unit of course, who is more like a short wire brush with the odd missing bristle.  The other monster and I only prevent passing birds from nesting in our hair by regular applications of bird repellents.

Nonetheless, because of the general hugginess of the household, this means that the rest of us have to defoliate and comb comb comb as well, just not every day to catch the hatchlings.  It would be nice to be able to say, "Sorry sad scared little person, I would give you a comforting hug but you are riddled with nippy vermin and I prefer to be vermin- free."  Truly one of the buggers of parenting and the reason we all get so many colds and flus.  But then, that is parenting for you.