Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Future husband checklist

I was reading about some woman who had an extensive checklist of attributes her future husband must have.  I am not sure if he needed them all or of some were optional extras.

Anyhow, I decided to consider what checklist I must have been using when I met the husbandal unit. 
  1. Clear sense of morality - check - though I suspect he would download illegal stuff if he did not have this particular wife.
  2. GSOH - check - there is no way we would have gotten this far into parenting together without the capacity to see funny bits on the far side of hysteria.
  3. Major nerd - check - he looks forward to the monthly edition of Silicon Chip mag.  Sometimes he leaves them at work for his workmates to browse but it disappears in under an hour - yep, he works in a nerdery.
  4. Can budget - check - he was talking to folks at work about his yearly budget, rather than a "I can buy lunch because it is payday" budget and his workmates were shocked and said they would never get their wives to stick to lines item allocations for clothes, holidays, etc.  I said to husb, "how many of these chaps (all nerds, see above) would be willing to stick to an IT budget of say, $150 per year, including fancy phones, computers, tablets, entertainment systems, PCBs, etc?"  We laughed.
Which led me to consider what attributes may have been on his wifey checklist.

  1. Must be willing to reproduce species - check - possibly some disappointment that production stopped after 2 but then he was just as pooped so fair cop.
  2. Must like rumpy pumpy - check.
  3. Must have relatively high tolerance for conversations about newly released PCBs and control systems generally - check - though occasionally, when I am actually listening, I have to ask for definitions.
  4. Must be willing to give up loopy, demanding, well paid and interesting career to support husband in his quite dull job, demould windows, cook cake, wrangle library day and swimming day, and do school runs - check - sigh.
 And finally, here are some low-end optional extras we didn't get - you can guess who belongs to which.
  1. Must be able to dance, even a slow shuffly cuddle. 
  2. Must speak another language (BASIC and predicate calculus do not count)
  3. Must be a keen, knowledgeable and interested investor.
  4. Must love sport.
Haha haha  hhahhahaahahhaa HHA AHA AHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH.

An oldie but a goodie - more spot than girl.

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