Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 2 of school holis - situation under control

After a long weekend of playing with the husband, the school holidays have started in earnest.

Part way through day 2, we have:
  • been to an organised event at the National Portrait Gallery
  • gone out to lunch - salty but good
  • bought sneakers for the skinny-footed monster
  • bought a package of barbie shoes to arrive from Hong Kong in several weeks time
  • taken delivery of a tardis teapot - as the resident Dr Who fan said, due to its dimensional paradox, in theory you would only ever need to make one pot of tea and it should never run out - might get cold though
  • gazed at further pink dollery
  • made a slightly dodgy lemon cheesecake - faintly reminiscent of a full fat extravaganza at best
  • went to a playground and gazed at cygnets, climbed a web, played on rocks and played on a playground
  • done some colouring-in
  • done the weekly supermarket shopping, pausing for a moment outside to redraft the list from memory because it was sitting unhelpfully on the kitchen table, and finally
  • completed the monster's haircut that was incomplete due to discovery of lice several weeks ago.
No wonder we are pooped.  If only we could have some chill-out time at home without it degenerating into world war three due to boredom.