Thursday, October 11, 2012

Migration time is near

There are so many reasons to love my husband but a biggie relates to the seasonal migration that occurs in our bed.

During winter the husb. manfully sleeps on the window side - braving not just the radiating cold but also the blasts of ice that come from the heating vent before the hot air flows. 

This latter effect tends to give me an asthma attack every time the heating goes on.

I enjoy the winter side of the bed.  It has a bookcase nearby so the teetering stack of books on my bedside table has a place to rest when it is picked up off the floor.

Mind you, when I say he sleeps on the window side, he does have a propensity to scrooch over to borrow some heat on cold nights.  Thus, he spends winter much closer to the middle of the bed than on his side.

In spring we swap sides.  I get hot in summer and like the night zephrs.  He stays resolutely bequilted and lies in my lee to get away from the breeze. 

It is almost swap time again.  I am readying for the migration by reducing the number of books I am half way through.  I am hoping to be down to less than 5 when the call comes.   It will be nice to be mistress of the window (especially as I have cleaned it), but I will miss the extra shelves.

I suppose it also has some effect on the sleeping flexibility of us both.  After many years of sleeping on one side, I suppose some couples could find swapping a bit much.  It is not nearly as kinky as it sounds.  You should try it people.  I am not suggesting swapping him indoors for a drooling rugby player, you know.

Lastly, the bed would probably die if we tried to move it around the room so it is a bit like a holiday every time the swap happens.