Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Husband and daughter missing, believed exhasted

Some time ago my dear husband took the oldest monster on a bike ride.  Little monster and I stayed home on the grounds that LM has the lung capacity of a hamster at this time. 

The plan was to ride towards the lake.  A return trip of less than an hour.  A lot less.

Several hours have now gone by.  There is a suspicious lack of girl and husband.  Did he take his mobile?  No.

Did they take water to drink?  No.

I can not even go on a rescue mission as the car is off looking at other cars.  This is not an automotive lust thing but a car shopping expedition undertaken by a friend.

Ahh, they have returned.  They went all around the lake (miss-estimation of distance already ridden when you hit the playground), then got lost on the final run through the (admitably cryptic) neighbouring suburb.  I have also misplaced myself there.

The girl only fell off once, apparently.

The last 500 metres was at a push.

The monster is quite grumpy - possibly exhaustion is a contributing factor.  The husband is only marginally better.  Lucky it is my turn to make tea tonight.

This tree fell down in a storm several years ago.  Terribly handy as it was on the death list, the suckery devil.