Thursday, October 4, 2012

Case of the stinkypants trickster

Yesterday the 5 year old monster wore her underpants with love hearts on them  - boy legs that tend to disappear up flanges and grommits.  Things were slow this morning around here, what with cleaning, drawing and general stuffing about.

When the time came when we were close to actually leaving the house, I suggested she got dressed, remembering to change her UPs.

Several minutes went by, I mopped another disgusting surface but no action on the getting dressed front.  I assume you are familiar with the next part of the plot - further suggestions for getting dressed, further reminders to change her UPs.

Finally, we are ready to leave - the monster is dressed but I can see little love hearts peeping over the top of her trousers.  "Go and change your underpants", repeated three or four times, blah, blah, blah.  I think at this point she tucked them in.  She said she had changed them.

During the flurry of the next few hours the UP problem is forgotten.  Later in the afternoon, I notice she is deflanging in the bottom region and the hearts are on view again.  I accuse her of lying to me and she swears she changed them.  So I say, "Go and get me yesterday's stinky pants".  Quick as a flash she comes back with a clean pair and her soft petal eyes and earnest little voice are absolutely sure these are yesterday's pants.  White with pink elastic.  Crisp and clean.

Well, it is pyjama time and threats of death by misadventure are uttered.  The girl is pjed, and she is wearing pink UPs with green elastic. I checked.  Thank the lord, or whomever.  I thought I was going to have to hold her down and peel her like an orange.

Sadly, I will have to remember the colour and we will probably have the same conversation tomorrow.

The SPT herself