Sunday, December 23, 2012

How to cause arachnophobia

We have arrived as houseguests.  The girls are exhasted and look like coming down with bugs.

The little one did not want to go to bed because there were daddy-long-legs in her room.  The husb. told her she would be fine mainly because the house is spider heaven and he did not want to have to de-spider the whole joint.  I told her they hang around near the ceiling and they will eat the mosquitos that otherwise will bite her with joy.

She went to bed in tears.  We put the other monster in our room to get a warm-up sleep before they were put together.  Ten minutes later I still heard sobbing so I asked the lovely husb. to investigate.

It wasn't the little one.  She was lying in bed in exhasted terror because the two daddy-long-legs were less than a foot from her head.  No, the crying was the other one because she was scared of eventually being put into the room with spiders.  I didn't tell her about the webs down the side of my bed.


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