Friday, December 21, 2012

Family shenanigans in the usual style

Current shenanigans - combined list:

One sibling is not coming, ensuring that our unbroken run of never having met their children continues.  Goodness knows why. 

We are not to provide any admonishing words to another sibling's child because it makes the parents angry.

Number of siblings currently undergoing a dental crisis because their new caps have come adrift - one.

One Aunt has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and an Uncle (her brother) with another form of cancer.  Much sadness and good wishes to both.

Number of family events currently booked - approximately 4.

Current excitement level of the children - stratospheric.

Number of toys they are getting that they claim they have grown out of - most of them.  (Though they were fine on the Christmas list prepared 6 weeks ago.)

Number of bottles of gin the husb. and I may need for the ordeal - probably one but we will keep our options open.

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