Thursday, December 13, 2012

Further bad habits of the feline

You know that when one of the branches on the Christmas tree is shuddering, little bits of tinsel are falling onto the floor and one of the shiny balls flies across the room, the cat is mollocking (though none of the farm servants get pregnant so possibly that is the wrong word - is it Seth-specific?).

When you have purple/black paw prints in the bath, around the bath, in the sink, on the toilet seat, in the bowl of the toilet (!!!??!!!!), on the window sill and over the floor, you know the cat has been under the mulberry tree and is continuing to refuse to sip from anything so common as her drinking bowl.  Possibly she objects to the frog bowl.  Not bone china, you know.

When she gets trapped under the house and the husband rescues her, she comes to give you a loving rub in bed.  The rub brings the items she collected in her fur, whiskers and paws.  This includes grit, webs and the occasional spider.  We have red-backs under the house.

Redback Spider, Latrodectus hasselti
Best avoided. Or you could pop off to hospital if bitten.

Lastly, and it is somewhat Christmassy, she likes to do some happy laps of the house early in the morning.  Quite early.  So the mornings start with the crazed tinkle of two little bells on her collar.

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