Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Embarrassment cleaning

Hem.  Well, I was so embarrassed to reread my blog I decided to tackle the laundry floor.

This involved removing:

  • mud from the last rain - a while ago now - further hemming in embarrassment
  • mulberry stains from the feet of girls and cat - at least the girls wash theirs in the laundry
  • scunge that appears from under the washing machine - I hope this doesn't mean it has started spraying oil - surely it is too young for that sign of decepitude
  • dust devils that roll about between the sink and wall and behind the door, evolving into higher lifeforms and planning a takeover of the house
  • zero - zip - nuthin' in the way of overflows from the litter tray.  The usual litter was unavailable several weeks ago and she hates the replacement.  Now she just crosses her furry legs and waits for the back door to open so she can dig up the seedlings.  The litter is for emergency use only.  Great result.

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