Sunday, December 30, 2012

Balancing a late dinner with a shitty girl

The husb. disappeared more than an hour ago to take one girl to the dairy (where she can join her uncle in the pit and get covered in shit for it is slippery and she is in worn gumbies) and to take the other girl (lets call her "cleany") for a chat with his mother.

Now before he left he said he would be back in time to finish making tea.  He did mention tea would probably be late.

I could stop dribbling to you and pop off and start tea.  Really, I could.  If only I felt like it to any extent.  It is probably a false impression but I feel like I have been cooking non-stop for weeks.  Mind you, this means my husb. has been washing up and hanging washing as an alternate.  Nevertheless, I am just not in the mood for making quiche.  The next step would be to wash a vinegar bottle and use it as a rolling pin to roll then blind bake the pastry.  Doesn't seem appealing.

Perhaps I will just volunteer to de-shit the girl when they get home.  That sounds nicer.

Addendum:  It is now 6.30 pm, the estimated time of arrival of the "late tea" and there is no sign of the husb., cleany or the shit girl. Do you think he will be disappointed that I have not started without him?  Bloody husbands.

Further grumblings:  The husb. returned.  The cleany was clean and shit girl was truely shitty.*  I showered the s.g..  Apparently I should be fine with the revised dinner estimate well after the girls bedtime.  I am not sure why he thinks the s.g. will still be capable of eating that late.  She never has been before. Under the full force of a grumpy wife he made the girls an impromptu meal.  I am currently expecting tea around 8pm.**  Bloody bloody husbands.

* After several visits to the pit in the dairy where she fell into shit every time we threw out that set of clothes.  The smell was never coming out.

** Reading this back later I had a laugh.  Think Sinatra:
     She gets too hungry, for dinner at eight
     She likes the theater, but never come late
     She never bothers with people she hates
     That's why the lady is a tramp

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