Monday, March 4, 2013

Saw giant fish, fell down a drain

On Saturday night we did something we rarely do.  We went out with the monsters after their bedtimes.  There is an event on around here where they pick a bunch of largely white public buildings and light them up with beautiful projections.

This is a library.

We thought we were going to send 1/2 the party.  The little (ignoring leg length) one gets tired and she was doubtful as to whether she wanted to go.  It was also surprisingly chilly for the second day of Autumn.  As is often the case, the process of the husb. and sibling preparing was too much for her finely tuned sibling rivalry so we all joined in.

While I did nag them into warmer clothes (another 5 minutes of my life I will never see again) I did not achieve optimal results.  The wind was fairly bitey so the little (yes, I know she is a giant among 5 year olds) one was cold and whiney.  I donated my coat to her which she wore as a fetching full length dress.

The actual doings involved wandering around paths between a group of public buildings going "ooh", and occasionally "ahhh".  There was a dark bit and a hill between some of the sites.  The husb. and one girl went over and tired girl and I went around.  The path was dark and crowded so I walked on the edge with the drain.  One piece of drain cover was in fact missing so in I went.  Just one leg but it was not very pleasant.

By the time I said "thanks I am fine" to some nice women who were worried I had broken my leg, assembled myself and the girl, bolted around the hill to meet the others, found someone in charge and taken them back to the hole so they could stop other lucky souls falling in, and met the family back at the car, it was not as pleasant and relaxing as it might have been.  

Also, I now have a lovely bruise.

The fish were good though, as were the choreographed, illuminated stilt walkers.

The buildings were beautiful and the whole things suggests there will be a time in the future where we can actually go out after 7.30 pm.  Whoo hoo!

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