Friday, March 22, 2013

On my list of things to do and other fantasies.

On my list of things to do is to trim the grasses that line the path at the front of the house.  I am not sure if I got what I expected.  I was hoping for a neat avenue of grasses around 3-4 foot high tickling up to the path and inviting people to the house.  I was also hoping for plants without any overly fussy care needs, like water. 

Sadly, I seem to have gotten the wrong ones.  They are over 7 foot.  If you use the path after rain or dew you pretty well need to be in a wet suit.  On the up side, during some horrific heat waves this summer where many of the dry-land plants were starting to collapse in desperation, the grasses just kept their stalks up and waited it out.

So, in the absence of several hundred smackeroos or a propagating fest to replace the dear things, I thought I would give them a hair cut and just manage their legginess with regular trims.  (Cue dark, sarcastic chuckle.)

I intended to do this about a year ago.  No action so far.*

On the up side, they do make a nice swishy wave when the wind blows.  A recent rearrangement of the lounge means I can sit on the sofa and watch them swoosh, spreading their seeds about the garden with the clear intent of total domination - kind of like triffids but with less lethality and propensity to wait around for your corpse to decompose.

*I like to think that a recent (weeeeellll, three years ago) accident with the secateurs involving a fast doctor visit, a tetanus injection, a week of dressing changes and a course of antibiotics is a contributing factor to my trimming sloth

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