Friday, March 15, 2013

How dull is that - I posted about socks.

We have a birthday party on Sunday.  Not much preparation has taken place so far.  I am praying to the gods of dirty floors (The Great Purple Fluff and Oh Mystery Stain) against rain because it is due to take place in a park and the thought of having to clean the house to have the party here is alarming.

Any moment now I am going to leap up and make the birthday cake.  I just have to get over the trauma of cleaning the loos.  Sometimes monsters are truly monstrous.

I think I may have developed an allergy to being a stay at home parent.  The thought of not being responsible for cat litter purchasing or choosing celebrity heads that 7 year olds will know fills me with insane joy.

What I need is a wife.  It is a pity I opted for a great galumphing husb. instead.

Later - apologies.  I have no idea how that grumpy bastard escaped. 

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