Sunday, January 20, 2013

What wheeled madness is this?

When I asked the girls what they would like to do in the school holidays, one of them said, "Go for a long bike ride."

"Uh oh", the husband and I thought in unison.  "Some unlucky bastard is going to have to dust the cobwebs off their bike."

That would be me.  I am the unlucky bastard.

So I taped my pant legs with sticky tape and off we pedalled around the lake.  Meanwhile, the husb. strolled along in the shade with the other girl who was having a gentle scoot on her Santa-scooter.

Luckily the girl rides a small bike and only goes at a modest pace.  I just had to pick a low enough gear that I could keep pedalling slowly enough not to either fall off or mow her down.

Missygoose 16
Tinky, but think of the power behind the pedals!
Sure, it is not a fair fight but I prefer not to lose, thank you.

I figure with my giant bike and 21 gears I can keep ahead of her (though probably not up a steep hill*).  It will be the next bike that is a problem.  A bit more leg length, bigger wheels and a couple of gears and I will be in trouble chasing that girl.  She is a concentrated ball of girlish muscle.  I had better start training now.

*Note to self, choose routes that avoid steep hills.

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