Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh yeah, that is quality parenting.

Further in the "wearing out the girls in the school holidays" theme, today we went to the beach for the day.  Due to the unfortunate siting of my fair city, handy for hard frosts but crap for surfing, the round trip included 4 1/2 hours of driving. 

We got home at 4 pm and were all in bed by 4.15, three of us deeply in the land of nod.  An hour later, my eldest monster awoke refreshed, dragged her sister out of bed and came into my room.  One monster hugged the husband, they chatted a little then popped off to make a late start on the TV watching.

Another hour later, I was still on the computer and I mentioned to him that, given it was dinner time, he might want to wake up or he would be awake all night.  He agreed heartily and said he had better get the girls up.

I told him they were watching TV, that they had swung by an hour ago, hugged him, sat on the end of the bed while they chatted to him, then sloped off.  At this point I may have mentioned that he was a goose.

He did not agree and considered it was a demonstration of his parenting skill that he could do it while asleep.

There is not much you can say about that, except maybe...

"Honkity honk honk."
In rebuttal, he said, "When you find out you have skills you didn't know you had, you should celebrate them."

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