Monday, January 7, 2013

Inappropriately caressed

The cat returned from prison yesterday.  It was her first incarceration and she did not enjoy it much.  She was pathetically glad to be home and spent the evening circulating to house members and rubbing against them in a "give us a tickle, then" manner.

I never done it.  I am innocent, I tells ya. (Not Toast)

She must have been sleeping in her cage because she spent all of last night spreading her love and anguish around.

The lowest point was at about 4am when I heard purring very close to my head.  That would be because the cat was standing on my snoring husband's shoulders, reaching out to me for a little love.  4am love.  Pre-dawn love.  She got the same answer anyone else would have gotten - a firm "No", followed by being shoved out of bed and back to sleep for me.

Poor Toast.  I am a bit tired, though.

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