Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rampaging Fred-itis - KEEP CLEAR - CONTAGION ZONE

I have a brother, nominally named Fred, who last night came to dinner with his lovely wife (hiya Wilma).  Now Fred, like many members of my family, is a bit on the whimsical side.

For example, the monsters once came back from their place filled with conversations about whether Fred would really eat Wilma's dog and what type of condiment he would serve with it. (Tomato sauce, of course.)

I blame Uncle Fred.  The topic would have never arisen otherwise.

During dinner Fred was surreptitiously rolling up pieces of his serviette and throwing them at Monster2 at the other end of the table .  She did not know who to accuse, showing a distinct forgetfulness of the fundamentals of Uncle Fred.  He chose well because Monster2 is a whimsy-enthusiast and loves him for it.

Monster1 on the other hand is more wedded to reality and can find zany alterations a bit too tricky to handle.

Now Fred was only here for a couple of hours last night but Fred-itis is catching.

I knew he was coming down with it last night* but by this morning my husband had developed a full dose.  There have been howls as he has turned the monsters upside down, annoyed looks as he has pulled the heads off vampire dolls and hidden them, and sighs of frustration as he says something extremely unlikely and they have to ask whether it was true.

Wait, that last one was me.**

Bugger.  You might want to stay clear til it passes.

*Best not to go into the early symptoms but they are somewhat annoying just before you go to sleep.

**Meaning this entire post could be crap.  Jeez, that's getting needlessly metaphysical.

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