Sunday, May 19, 2013

Girls - an owners guidebook.

Here are some interesting aspects of being an owner/operator of girls:
  • Irrespective of your own views, in-laws will buy your children Barbies. 
  • If you throw away your children's Christmas presents they are scarred for life.
  • If you have to live in a house with Barbie-loving girls, you are scarred for life.
  • Eventually the obsession with pink attenuates slightly - I am hoping for black, emo/ neo-gothic adolescences.
  • None of the craze for exotic dress-ups and styling translates to wanting to be clean.
  • It is possible to inhale a piece of chicken in a millisecond and spend 30 minutes nibbling a piece of lettuce, often both in the same meal.
  • With the same genetic ingredients and the same diet, two girls can have completely different digestive flora and toe-nail growth rates.
  • Two girls can be 15 months apart, have different coloured and cut hair and different coloured eyes, have different shaped frames and faces and quite different personalities and members of your family will not be able to tell them apart.
  • And finally, watching gentle 3-year-old girls have life or death karate fights with burglar goblins is something you have to see once in your life.

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